Handwoven Cotton Scarf Sawan, Indigo Blue


Unisex, deep indigo blue scarf with a hint of white from Laos. Entirelly handmade starting from the cultivation of cotton. Handwoven in a small Lao village by a local artisan using traditional, wooden handlooms and dyed with authentic, plantbased indigo dye. All of these Lao scarves are unique due to their manufacturing process. 

Please note that this is a handcrafted textile. Small irregularities in weave and colour may accur, which is not considered a flaw, they prove the authenticity and add to the character of the product.

Wash gently by hand in cool water using mild detergent. Indigo colour will leak during the first washes, but the intensity of indigo won`t fade nevertheless. Wash before use.

A fairtrade product. By buying this product you are contributing in keeping alive traditional artisanship in Laos and the wellbeing of the women, and their families, making the scarves.

Size 39 x 172 cm.

100 % cotton.


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